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Panchase Hill Trekking: Off the beaten short trekking area from Pokhara

Pokhara city, a well-known tourist area for Nepalese people to foreign people. Many people love to stay some days in Pokhara simply because it is a peaceful city, naturally beautiful, and the best place to hang out and relax either starting any trekking plan or after your trekking plan.Traveller looking for short day hikes or real hikes in this city then there will be many choices. Either you go for the famous Poonhill trek or Annapurna Basecamp. If you are a first time visitor or plan to visit Nepal for the first time and have no experience of any treks then Pokhara city provides numerous opportunities to gain an experience of a mountain trek. 

Among many short hikes destinations from Pokhara, Panchase Danda Trekking is the best one. This beautiful place lies in the southwest part of the Pokhara city situated at the height of 2500m above sea level. Not only it is a place of peace and tranquillity but also it is a place where you can have a fantastic view of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Lamjung Himal mountain ranges including the view of Pokhara city. The Panchase Hill trekking trail is beautiful yet it is a little bit adventurous because there are many stone steps and the paths are slippery. Yet, the Pancahse trekking route is the easy route in comparison to others where one can see and experience Nepalese Village life, stay with these people in a homestay, and have an exhilarating view of the mountain range. Moreover, you will not be concerned about altitude sickness. 

This place is also an off beaten path for many people. Panchase treks can be completed in 2-4 days depending upon one’s physical fitness and time. It is better to have at least four days to complete this trek and enjoy your holidays with the local mountain people of Nepal. 

Options for Panchase Hill Trekking: 

To reach Panchase Hill in 2022 the best way is to walk for three to four days on the trekking route of Panchase. People generally start this trekking by taking a car from Pokhara to Thare Khola, a pleasant ride of 45 minutes. From Thade Khola, the trekking trail starts. You will climb a few stone stairs to reach the road which leads you to Bhumdi Village. You will be able to meet some students or teachers of the public school by their Greetings “Namaste” and welcoming smile. Walking through the wide road for three hours the trekking route ends at the Bhumdi Village. Pass your wonderful time at the Bhumdi village. A big chance of gaining an experience in the homestay with local villagers in Bhumi. There is a fantastic view of sunrise and sunset from the top hill of the Bhumdi Village. 

On the second day, the path of Panchase Hill leads us to the deep forest passing through the stone steps surrounded by rhododendrons, and local orchids hanging on the trees. The first half of the trekking route to Panchase Bhanjyang is slippery and climbs time-to-time. The second half starts after a picnic in the forest as a lunch break. Walking in the forest for three hours and a short hike of 2 hours leads you to Panchase Bhanjyang at 2065m. Few hotels and homestays are available in Panchase Bhanjyang where one can pass overnight and meet several locals and tourists in the lodge or homestay.

Similarly, on the third day, you can start your hike early in the morning to reach the top of the Panchase hill to have a wonderful view of the sunrise. To climb Panchase Hill there, you will need two hours. The view of the Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Manasalu, and Lamjung Himal ranges are fantastic. It is also advised to sit for a relaxation meditation for a few minutes on the top of the hill to have a unique experience. After passing the wonderful moment of the sunrise from the hill descend down slowly to the lodge to have a big breakfast of your choice. Furthermore, the trek leads us to Bhadaure Village where you will have another fantastic view of the Annapurna mountain from the height of 1550m of the Gurung Hill. 

On the base of the Gurung hill, there is a tiny human settlement of Bhadaure Village. Your rest camp will be the family lodge of Bhadaure Village. Enjoy your overnight stay with the local Gurung Ethnic group with homemade wine. However, on the fourth day, one can decide to go down to the Pokhara Valley taking a local jeep or you can simply walk for two hours to hike on the top of the Kande Village path leading to the Australian camp at the height of 2150m. It is worth climbing the Australian Camp to add one more experience of short hiking and for a marvellous view of the Annapurna range once again.

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