The Present Condition of Kathmandu’s (Hanumandhoka Durbar Square Monuments)

img_20160925_181002Kathmandu Durbar Square (Hanumandhoka’s Durbar Square) is the largest area covered monument in Kathmandu. This place consists of 42 world heritage monuments which were partially and completely destroyed during the earthquake of April, 2015. Six of the temples were completely destroyed and remaining 37 were fully and partially damaged. However; after 16 months has been already passed and there are still aftershock gave the same scary feelings to the people resides in Kathmandu. The population has equally increased in last two decades and there many large paddy fields were replace by housing as a result there are lacks of open space remained in Kathmandu. However, this ancient beautiful city has its own culture, tradition, and history. Within a short distance inside Kathmandu city, there are seven world heritage monuments equally beautiful and worth to watch and the greatest pilgrimage sites for Buddhist and Hindus.

img_20160925_180939After such long period of time, partially and fully destroyed temples are yet to be rebuilt. Government of Nepal had already established the Rebuilding Committee, budget had already announced from Nepal government and foreign donor countries and agencies. Because of disputes between the government and rebuilding authorizes as well as unstable government the rebuilding activities in three cities were in slow pace. Some of the partially damaged temples were renovated and there are still some temples remained for renovation and reconstruction.

The main festival like Dashain (Navaratri, Indra Jatra festival of Rain God) has its own importance. The temples and royal palace were cleaned and decorated but since last two years some of the festivals which are celebrated inside premises of royal palace are in danger. The museum is not opened and some of the courtyard was remained closed since last 16 months. The government had given high priority for the renovation of such sites and people equally understood the importance of such monuments.

 It has attracted thousands of tourists since a long time. It became less popular place after the earthquake as there were few tourist arrival in Nepal during last sixteen months and it is in rising trend.  People are really hopeful that the charm of Kathmandu Royal palaces and its temple will certainly return as before and government body and locals will be more concerned to complete the
reconstruction of such destroyed monuments.

Complete Renovation Degu Taleju Temple img_20160925_180440 The biggest statue of Kal BhairavRenovated Degu Taleju Temple