Ramechhap Trek, Indigenous Village trek in Nepal

Ramechhap Trek, Indigenous Village trek in Nepal

Ramechhap is a district located 140km away from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal offers majestic trek in hilly regions. It is a unique trek developed on a ecotourism concept which provides you experience of homestay with the indigenous people of five different tribes of Nepal Tamang, Newars, Majhi, Santhal and Thami. The highest point in this trek is at the altitude of 3300m known as Sailung Peak  at 3300m which offers magnificent views over hills and mountains; Kalinchowk to the Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Rowaling, Everest and Kanchenjunga ranges, to the South the Mahabharata hills and Terai plains.


Early morning footage from Sailung

Thulo Sailung is a famous pilgrimage site of the Tamang Community. Ramechhap trek is unique in terms of three things; first the mountain and hills views are quite stunning from the Thulo Sailung, Secondly it is near from the Kathmandu but it is not overcrowded with lot of foreigners, and finally it provides an opportunity to understand the typical Nepalese village lifestyle, socio-economic status, cultural and tradition of the different community in the hilly region. Also, The Shamnic tradition in this place is quite popular and people still respect and follows the tradition specifically in Doramaba and Thulo Sailung. Each day you can experience a community homestay program but with different ethnic group of people and it will be your best experience to meet with Shamans and participate in Shamanic rituals.


How to get there?

There is a two way to go to Ramechhap, the first option is to hire a jeep from Kathmandu to Mude or travel in a local bus. There are two section of the road. The first half of the road is well paved but narrow and the second half of the road is muddy and narrow village road but there are stunning views of the hills and mountains. It will take six hours to reach the starting point of the trek called Mude bazar. It takes 3 hours to reach the highest point of Sailung Peak , magnificent views of Mountains and Mahabharata hills. Stay in kholakharka, a small Tamang Community settlement. Taste Yak Meat or Cheese or taste a local alcohol or local beer (Chyang).  Second to fifth day you will pass through the village of Surkey (Newar and Thami Village), Doramba Danda (Shamans Village), Bethan (Tamang Village, and finally trek to Sun Koshi River (Majhi Village) and the last destination of the trek is in Dhulikhel or cultural city, Bhaktapur.


Enjoy your stay in Nepal visiting Ramechhap, a wonderful hilly trek and make your holiday a memorable one.