Pokhara Valley Tours



About Pokhara

Pokhara valley is very famous tourist destination of Nepal which lies 200 km west of the Kathmandu. At the altitude of 830m above the sea level, it is the place surrounded by hills, mountain ranges, valley, and beautiful lakes. The most fascinating part of the Pokhara one can see the whole Annapurna ranges including Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu, and the famous Fishtail Mountain lies in the middle of these mountain ranges. Pokhara is wonderful place to pass your vacation and the most famous trekking and hiking destination starts from Pokhara including the world famous Annapurna Base Camp trek and Around Dhaulagiri Treks. This is also the place of relaxation after the long Annapurna Round Trek.

Pokhara Climate: 

The climate of Pokhara valley is little bit warmer than Kathmandu Valley because of its altitude. The day temperature is around 25-35 degree during summer season and 15-17 degree Celsius during winter however; the temperature always varies according to the elevation. Pokhara valley receives highest rainfall during monsoon season starting from June to the last of the September. The best time to visit this valley is from October to April.

How to Access to Pokhara city?

There are various ways to enter in the Pokhara valley whether by road or by flight. By road it takes 6-7 hours and by flight it takes 25 minutes from Kathmandu Valley. There are different types of tourist and local transportation services available to reach Pokhara city from different part of the country.

1.Things to Do in Pokhara :

Lakes and city Tour: Pokhara is name after the city of lakes, Pokhari in Nepali means lakes. There are many lakes in Pokhara, some are within the city and some are outside the city centre. The most famous lake is in Pokhara is known as Fewa Lake which is inside the Pokhara city known as Lake side.

Fewa LakeTour: Fewa or Phewa lake is in the heart of Pokhara valley, a place where there are lot of tourist hub developed. This place and lake became popular after 1970 ‘s after the arrival of Hippies in Nepal who tented their camp nearby the lake side. Later on, it became main tourist hub and the people started to build hotels and restaurant around the Fewa lake. It is around 4 km x 1.5 km and its main attraction is the visit of island Hindu Diety Temple of Tal Barahi on the colorful wooden and sailboats, swimming or Fishing. The most beautiful part of this lake is the view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu mountain ranges and its shadows on the lake.


Begnas and Rupa Lake: These two lakes are 15km away from Pokhara city in Leknath Muncipality. Because of Tourist activities the pollution of Phewa Lake has increased a lot that’s  why  Begnas and Rupa Lake now become the popular destination for the people who likes less tourist flow. Also, the infrastructure developed around the Begnas lakes now attracts more people to stay overnight around the lake.  It takes about 45 minutes to reach Rupa Lake divided by Panchbhaya hill.  Begnas and Rupa lake, a perfect place for retreat and holidays for you. You can involve in activities like boating, swimming and hiking.

World Peace Stupa: Situated just 300m above the valley from the southern part of the Phewa lake, there is a World Peace Stupa or Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Stupa.  It lies in the point from where the view of Pokhara valley including the Phewa Lake and the spectacular mountain views, and  Pokhara city is accessible. To reach there, you can cross the lake and hike to the top of the Peace Pagoda in 1.30 hours or it is accessible by the car or public vehicle in 45 minutes.


Devis Fall: Devis Falls is a famous tourist destination in Pokhara where there is a water cascade falls down under the ground. It is interesting to see the flow of the water in the cascade during monsoon season. The name of the falls is Patale Chango and it was changed later when a foreigner named Davis swept away by the flow of the water into the underground passage beneath the cascade. It is also a place to buy souvenirs and interact with Tibetan people living in this area.

Gupteshower Cave: The Gupteshowr cave is just opposite side of the Davis falls. It is an important place for Hindus because people discovered the natural phallic symbol of Shiva. The cave is 3 km in length and during the period of December to March one can access to the second part of the cave where you can see underworld waterfall beneath the ground. Entry fees are allowed to enter in this place.

Pokahara’s Old Bazar: The famous old market of Pokhar lies just 4 km from lakeside which is still vibrant. There are temples and colorful house which provides the image of the ancient monuments of Kathmandu’s city and its Newari Architecture. The traditional old bazar was famous place before 1960-70’s before the construction of the major highway to connect to this city.

Mahendra Cave: The most visited place in the Pokhara is the largest limestone cave in Pokhara known as Mahendra cave which was discovered by the Local Shepherds and then named after the Shah King Mahendra. It can be accessed by local bus, taxi, or walking two hours from lake side. The major attraction of this cave are bats, stalactites and stalagmites which you can able to see only if you have your powerful torch.

Bindhyabasini temple 1

Bindhyabasini Temple: The temple lies on the old bazar of Pokhara on the top of the small hill and dedicated to the Godess Durga. It attracts thousands of pilgrimage and devotes during the Hindu Festival of Dashain and during Saturdays. Worshippers sacrifice animals during the festival and often Hindu marriage ceremonies can be seen in the premises of the temple throughout the year.

Matepani Buddhist Gumba: Matepani Monastery is a popular tourist destination in Pokhara. It was built on 1960 by Manang Community and it is vivid and colorful. It lies in the eastern part of the lakeside easily accessed by the road and it has got fresh environment. You can see the stunning view of the Pokhara city and surrounding area from the Gumba .


International Mountain Museum, Pokhara: International Mountain Museum in Pokhara could be a major attraction if you are natural lovers or want to know much more about mountain, mountaineers and its environment. It is 20 minutes drive from the lakeside and it was inaugurated in 2004. The visit of the museum is worthy as it presents various information about mountains, mountaineers, and people residing in the mountains, mountain environment and the pollution created by human activities and the effect of the climate change. There is stunning view of the Annapurna ranges from this place is quite beautiful. A half-day tour in the museum tells you the real stories of mountains in different aspect.

2. Adventure Activities in Pokhara: 

Pokhara is a famous destination for all the people and especially for the adventure lovers it now become one of the most popular destination. You can involve yourselves in some of the adventurous activities in and around Pokhara

Paragliding: For Paragliding, Pokhara is paradise. Now, it has become a popular destination for the paragliders around the world. Many international competition of paragliding held in Pokhara. The combination of lake, mountains, hills, valley, and villages naturally makes paragliding an adventure sport and popular activity. The tandem flight starts from Sarangkot with a professional pilot remains in the air for 30-45 minutes with the stunning views of 8000m mountains and then land in front of the Fewa Lake gives and extraordinary lifetime experience. There are around 30 companies in Pokhara which provides the tandem flight service.


Ultra-Light Flight: Another recreational activity in Pokhara is an ultralight flight. An Ultralight flight is an aircraft with a powered engine designed to carry no more than two people, pilot and passenger only in a two seat. An ultralight flight would be a unique experience to explore Pokhara city, around Pokhara, Sarangkot areas, and Annapurna mountain range above from the air.  There are few companies that provide ULM flight services and its price are according to the demand of the customers  and the prices are ranged from $95 to $390 according to the distance covered and duration.


Zip flyer: Zip flyer is a newest adventure activity in Pokhara which have been recently started. For the adventure sport lovers and for adventure seekers zip flyer gives a marvelous experience. The first Zip-flyer in Nepal started in Pokhara attracts many of the tourists. Starting from the height of the 1625mtrs in Sarangkot and ends at 960mtrs in Hemmja plain this zip flyer is the longest one in the world. With the stunning Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Lamjung Himal ranges at the speed of 140 km/hr you can gain a thrilling adventure experience.

Bungee Jump: Bunjee Jump is another challenging adventure sports in Nepal. If you are in Pokhara and looking for bungee jump then a newly bungee jump spot is already giving  its service to the thrill seekers. It is situated at Hemja near the Tibetan Camp the around 80m high bungy will consist of a cliff of 50m and 32 m of a steel tower.  It is a different kind of water jump bunzee in Nepal and you can involve yourself in this adventure activity in Pokhara.


Short Hikes in Pokhara:

Pokhara city is certainly a best place to pass your memorable holidays. If you are in Pokhara just for few days and you love short and long hiking then there are plenty of destinations in Pokhara for short hike.

Hike to World Peace Stupa: World peace Stupa is situated across Southern part of Fewa Lake. To reach World Peace Stupa short hike of 1.30 hours uphill would be appropriate timing which passes through a small settlement and Community Forest. There are natural steps built in the forest. The major attraction during this hike is the marvelous view of Fewa Lake and Pokhara Valley including Annapurna Mountain Range. Do not forget to take a Water Bottle with you and if you have knee problem take a rest time to time.

Hike to Sarangkot: Sarangkot is another hiking destination of Pokhara Valley. It now became most popular destination among tourist for the view of sunrise and sunset. Hundreds of Tourist gathered on the top of the view tower of Sarangkot to take a sunrise and sunset Snaps early in the morning. There are two possible way to hike in the Sarangkot. One starts from North part of the Phewa Lake passing through village settlements and another possibility is take a taxi ride to Sarngkot drop point and 40 minutes steep walk to the Sarangkot view point. After sunrise view, you can continue your hike up to Naudanda passing 9 k.m. in different villages.


Hike to Australian Camp via Dhampus or Kande: Australian camp in Pokhara is situated 30 km away from Pokhara city and situated at the altitude of 1900m.it is a destination point for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal, Ghandrunk Trek, and Poon Hill Trek. Also, it is a famous viewpoint of Pokhara Valley, beautiful Annapurna Ranges, and Annapurna South and for bird lovers it is a bird watching point. You can hire a taxi up to Kande from Pokhara and then continue your hike for two-and-half hour to reach Australian Camp and to return back you can either use the same route or take a downward hike to the Dhampus village and reach Dhampus Phedi in 3 hours, and finally back to Pokhara.


Hike to Himalayan Tea Garden Lwang Village: Lwang village is a superb hiking destination in Pokhara. It is only 20 km away from Pokhara. One can take a bus journey or drive or hike to the village. To experience village lifestyle and community home stay experience Lwang village is wonderful destination. Take a local bus or taxi to Gha Chowk and start your hike from here passing through small town and village settlements. It will take you three to four hours to hike in Lwang Village. Stay overnight in a community lodge and visits organic tea garden and participates in dance organized by the local Gurung women. Back to Pokhara, the next day.

Ghandruk Village Hike: Ghandruk village is a popular Gurung village in Pokhara Valley. It is a famous village of Gurung and Pun for their rich culture and tradition. Nowadays, you can find a bus directly to the nearest point of Ghandruk village or if you like a long hike then you can start your hiking from Nayapul or Syawli bazar. The minimum walk is around two hours and maximum hiking time is 6 hours depending on your choice.

Long Trek from Pokhara:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Situated in 4160m Annapurna base camp trek starts from Pokhara and ends in Pokhara. It will take about 9 to 13 days to complete this trek.


Mardi Himal Trek: Another popular trekking destination in Pokhara is Mardi Himal Base Camp trek at the height of 4200m. This trekking destination now became quite popular among the visitors. Mardi Himal is the mountain just in front of Mount Fishtail.

Upper Mustang Trek: This trek generally starts from Pokhara either by flight to Jomsom. From Jomsom the trek starts to Upper Mustang. A beautiful mountain desert place popular for its culture and influence tradition once was a forbidden kingdom opened for trekkers in 1992.

Kopra Danda and Khair Lake Trek: This is a new trekking destination in Pokhara which falls in Myagdi region of Pokhara. The major attractions are stunning views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and the experience of Community Homestay. This trekking destination is developed by community and you can finish this trek in five days to ten days to reach at the elevation of 4600m.


Kali Gandaki Valley Trek: Kali Gandaki Valley trek also starts from Pokhara. This trek is a combined package of trekking and jeep ride which covers the beautiful region of lower Mustang and the valleys nearby Kali Gandaki River. To complete this trek it takes about 1 week to 10 days depending on your choice.

Poon Hill Trek: Poon Hill Trek is the most popular trekking destination in Pokhara. Situated at the altitude of 3300 m the Poonhill offers the spectacular views of Annapurna, Dhulagiri, Manaslu, Buddha Himal, Hiunchuli, Nilgiri mountain ranges. The sunrise and sunset from Poonhill are quite stunning.


Hotel and Accommodation in Pokhara:

Pokhara Valley is a place loved by everyone. There are flows of tourists all around the year. Therefore, there are different types of accommodation, hotel and restaurant facilities. Lake side is the famous hub for the popular hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, live music, and dance bar. There is not much night life in Pokhara but the trend of night is getting popular day by days as the flow of the tourist increase in this region. You can find a hostel, home-stay, apartments, luxurious to medium ranges hotels in Pokhara especially in lake side and surrounding areas according to your budget.  There are different price ranges starting from $8 to $200 and plus. The visitor must remember one thing that during tourist season September-New Year Eve and February-May during tourist season the price of the hotels remains fix or increased.

Pass your holiday in the best holiday destination in the Nepal, Pokhara  where there are a lot of opportunities for varieties of activities to make a better holiday then ever with Long Walk Adventures, Nepal.