Langtang Valley Trekking lies on the northern part from the Kathmandu valley encompasses seven-day trekking circuit which starts from the altitude of 1350 m and it climbs up to viewpoints of Kyangin Ri 4773m or Tserko Ri at 4984m and returns back to Kathmandu in seven days.

View of the Kyanjin Village on the way to Kyanjin-Ri Viewpoint.


There is an ancient Buddhist monastery that lies in the Kyangin village. Langtang Trekking is also called the valley of the Glaciers because there are more than 70 glaciers exist in the surrounding area.

Syabru Bensi-Starting point of Langtang Trek

Langtang Trekking is the most incredible and diversified trek with the majestic view of the mountains including Langtang Lirung7234m, Langtang Ri-7205m, Langsisha Ri6427m, Dorje Lakhpa- 6966m, Gangchenpo-6375m and the view of the 14th highest mountain in the world Gosainthan-8014m. Langtang Valley is rich and famous for majority of Tamang people, Buddhist religion, forest of Oak, Rhododendron,  Bamboo, Cedar, animals like Snow leopard, Red Panda, Langur, Blue Sheep, sacred and pilgrimage of lake Gosainkunda. Langtang National Park is also one of Nepal’s main National Parks.

A Guest House in Lama Hotel

Trekking up to Kyanjin Gompa passing through the bank of Langtang River most of the time from the small town of Syabru Besi, Lama Hotel, New Langtang Village, Kyanjin Gompa, and finally up to Tserko Ri is each traveler’s exciting experience. Another attraction of Langtang Trek is Yak Herds and pastureland starting from the lowland of River Side up to the hill of Kyanjin Ri.

Lone survivor- One one Hotel which was survived during the 2015 earthquake.

Most of the people of Langtang region are dependent on animal husbandry, trade with Tibetan people. There is less production of other types of grain but people in Langtang valley produce wheat, soybean, millet, and potatoes.  Tourism is another source of income for most of the people residing in the Trekking route.

A wooden bridge over Langtang River constructed after 2015, now trekkers use another steel framed suspension bridge.

After 2015 when the glacial ice destroyed the whole Langtang village there was a serious downfall in the number of trekkers in this area however, the scenario had changed completely now. The damaged houses and infrastructure in the trekking routes are already repaired and suspension bridges were installed in some parts. There are new modern earthquake-resistant houses and mountain lodges were constructed.

View of Langtang Lirung from Ghoda Tabela

People of Langtang Valley are eagerly waiting to welcome the trekkers and travelers in their village. Let’s make Langtang Valley Trekking your next destination in Nepal in a short period of time with plenty of diversified walking trial. There is a moderate level of difficulty during this trek, but it is suitable for the beginner trekkers.

Kyanjin Village with the view of Gangcherpo- 6378 meters