Jumla-Rara Lake Trek

Jumla-Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake lies in far western Karnali region of Nepal of Mugu district. It is situated in the altitude of 3062m. Surrounded by Rara National Park it is famous for different species of flora and fauna and forests of Pine, Juniper, spruce, and rhododendron whereas more than 20 species of animals can be seen during the trek. Jumla is a trans-Himalayan valley with high ridges covered with forests and alpine pastures. Jumla, a delightful valley was one of the remote part of the Nepal, but now a days the road is linked with it. It have many archaeological monuments dating back to medieval times and ancient Nepali language (Khas Language) was considered to be started from the SInja valley in Jumla.

Jumla-Rara lake trek is one of the off beaten trek in Nepal and rarely visited by foreign but nature has gifted Rara so much varieties that you cannot find in other place. Off beaten track, untouched village by the modernization, simple people, their cultures and traditions, and the area is still undeveloped. Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal covering the area of 10.8 km and 167m depth in maximum. The lake has clean blue turquoise color which gives you the different feelings when you watch it from the highest point of Chuchemara Dada at a height of 4100 m. surrounded by the mount Kanjiroba and other snowcapped mountains.

Rara Lake trek can be done in tea house and home stay in most of the places with basic Nepalese food and place to sleep; however, it is also possible to do a camping trek. Months of March-May and September-December are the best season to visit Jumla Rara lake trek. The trek stars from the Kathmandu/Nepalgunj/Jumla on flight then after the trek starts and passes through various villages, forests, and rivers until we arrive Rara Lake and it leads us again back to Jumla. This trek does not require acclimatization like other trek; however in some place it is strenuous so it is taken as a moderate trek for everyone having healthy physique.

Itinerary Details of Jumla-Rara Lake Trekking

Day 01: Arrival in Nepal. Our international airport representative will pick you from the airport and transfer to the Hotel of your choice.

Day 02: Visit World Heritage site of the Kathmandu, Swyambhunath, and Lalitpur by a license holder tour guide in the Kathmandu Valley.

Day 03: Fly to Kathmandu-Nepalgunj: Fly to mid-western town of Nepalgunj near to Indian border. The town is situated in 300m of altitude. Visit the city of Nepalgunj and overnight at the hotel in Nepalgunj.

Day 04: Fly Jumla-trek to Uthugaon 2530m : From Nepalgunj it takes normally 45 minutes to reach Jumla from Flight. Jumla is a beautiful town in 2320m. Follow the north of Tila Khola and follow Chadhabise Khola and pass through pine forest. The trial continues finally we arrive to the village of Uthugaon.  Overnight in the tented camp.

Day 05: Uthugaon to Danphe Lagna 3500m: Today we will walk through valley of Pas Mara that leads us to Khali Pass at the elevation of 3550m. After crossing pass, we will descend down to Danphe Lagna . Overnight at the tented camp.

Day 06: Danphe Lagna – Chautha (2770 m): After breakfast we follow to Chautha that is 6 hrs trek from Danphe Lagna to reach Chautha. Crossing stream and climbing steeply we arrive Bhara village and leaving Bhara village descend to Chauo Khola. Overnight at the tented camp in Chautha.

 Day 07: Chautha to Dhotu 2380m: Walking few hours along with a stream finally reach to the entrance of Rara National park. Then, we have to cross Gurchi Lagna Pass at the elevation of 3450m and arrive to Dhotu village crossing the dense forest of spruce and pine.

 Day 08: Dhotu – Rara Lake (2980 m): This is a short day and very pleasant trek passing through the terrace fields and downhill finally arrive to Jyari village and that leads us to Rara National Park. Overnight at the tented camp in Rara National Park.

Day 09: Explore Rara National Park.

Day 10: Rara Lake – Gorusingha (3190 m): Pass through Khatyar Khola, Ghatta Valley and finally arrive to Gorusingha. Overnight at the tented camp in Rara National Park.

Day 11: Gorusinga-Sinja 2440m: Sinjha is situated near Sinjha Valley and it is a place of historical importance. It is believed that the Nepali (Khas Language) was started from Sinja Valley. Overnight at the tented camp.

Day 12: Sinja to Jaljala Chaur 3270m : Today we will pass through quite villages, pine forest, brich and oak fields and finally arrive to the umeadow of Jaljala Chaur.

Day 13: Jaljala Chaur to Jumla: Today we will climb to another meadow up to 3150 m and finally descend down to Jumla.

Day 14: Fly from Jumla to Nepalgunj/Kathmandu: Finally arrive to  Kathmandu taking afternoon flight.

This is a standard itinerary; however, on your request we can change or review our itinerary according to your demand. Please contact us for furthermore details.