Home Stay in Newari Town/Village

Kathmandu city have many homestays now either you want to pass your night in old and ancient city, newly developed colonies little bit far away from the main city, or in the village nearby Kathmandu offers wide ranges of homestay. Stay in either ancient city of Lalitpur, Homestay in Newars town or villages always attracts to the visitors because you can meet locals, learn their customs and tradition, stay in a friendly environment, a home far away from home.

The Newars constitute a community whose ancestral home is the Kathmandu valley. Only a few centuries ago, before the creation of modern Nepal, the valley was known as Nepal. The intimate link between the valley and the term Nepal is also reflected in the fact that in Nepali, the modern national language the Newari language is known as Nepal Bhasa, and in Newari it is known as Nepal Bhaye. Both terms mean the “language of Nepal very interesting. Their origin is not so clear but they are native ethnic group of Kathmandu, very rich in their culture, traditions and for their cuisines.

In the Newari community, there are two religions both Hindu and Buddhist. The main religions are in Buddhism Vajrayana and the Tantric Hinduism. The former is referred to as Buddhamarga and the later called Saivamargi. Followers of both religions believe that the union of male and female powers moves the universe. In this regard the cult of the mother Goddesses and their consorts, the Bhairavas, is particularly important.

These cults are ritually characterized by the reversal of the values of orthodox Hinduism and Buddhism. In both, sexual abstinence, vegetarianism, non-violence, and are imperative, whereas the Tantricist may copulate, eat meat, sacrifice animals, and consume fermented and distilled drinks ritually and the final path is to gain total deliverance. Other gods and goddess are also equally important such as Ganesh, Kumar, Bishnu, Krishna, Rama, Ajimas, and Shakyamuni Buddha.

Caste system divisions are common in Newars. The caste division was applied to classify the people status and their work. There are four caste system and 36 sub divisions in a single community of Newars. Their houses are very unique and well decorated the first floor of the home used as a kitchen and a ground floor is used as storage and bedrooms. There are various paintings of god and goddess in the wood carved windows, and in the door there are eight symbols of good luck. The temples in the Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapurs have the Newari architecture style known as Pagoda and some modern houses and hotels also applied the same techniques.

If you want to visit Nepal and want to have an experience of Newari Home stay then several cities in Kathmandu Valley provides facilities of Home stay with or among Newar Community. Do not miss this unique opportunity and make your stay more comfortable with local people in Nepal.

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