Eastern & Western Differences


  • Cosmological unity
  • Life is a journey towards eternal realities that are beyond the realities that surround us
  • Circular view of the universe, based on the perception of eternal recurrence
  • Inner-world dependent
  • Self-liberation from the false “Me” and finding the true “Me”. The highest state is believed to be a state of ‘no-self’, where neither self-worth nor self-importance have any real meaning.
  • Behavioral ethics

Western Philosophy

  • Feeling oneself as an element of the Divine
  • Life is a service (to the God, money, business, etc.)
  • Linear view of the universe and life, based on the Christian philosophy where everything has its beginning and the end.
  • Outer-world dependent
  • Self-dedication to the goal (life vision, success, happiness, etc.)

Source: www.1000ventures.com