Cultural Tour of Kathmandu Valley

A famous and popular trip in Nepal is the cultural tour of Kathmandu Valley which offers visiting Hindu and Buddhist temples, Buddhist Stupa and Monasteries, introduction with the costumes and traditions of the Nepalese People and their lifestyles. It is a trip for those people who want to visit Kathmandu in a short time and those who do not have more time to stay in Nepal. Generally, this itinerary is developed to have an insight of city lifestyles and visiting the six World Heritage sites in the Valley.

Some of the greatest attraction are the fascinating Newari pagoda and Shikara Styles temples; description the method of worshiping god according to Hindu tradition, Hindus and Buddhist ceremonies, marriages, Hindus and Buddhist Monk and nuns (Sadhus and Lamas), introduction with living goddess of Nepal, different ethnics group like Newar, Brahmins, Gurungs, Cheetris, Tamangs, Sherpas, Rai, Magars, Limbus. However, the native people of the Kathmandu Valley are called Newars. These people are rich in their cultural values and most of the temples and stupas in the valley were made from the Newari or Pagoda style.

Kathmandu Valley Cultural Tour: Itinerary Details

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu International Airport and transfer to hotel. Stay overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Stupa. These place are the places listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Kathmandu Durbar Square includes 42 monuments. Some temples are fully destroyed and some are partially destroyed by the earthquakes 0f 2015; however the reconstruction of some temples were already started. After destruction also there are many temples which stand-still in Kathmandu Valley. In the same way, the Swaymbhunath Stupa is an ancient and largest Stupa of Kathmandu which is also known as monkey temple. The temples and monasteries around this place are famous for its shape, size, and decoration and it is also sacred place for Hindus and Buddhist.

Day 03: Sightseeing tour of Changu Naryan temple and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Changu Naryan is a famous temple of Lord Vishnu which was erected in 5th century AD and it is one of the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu Valley. It is situated on the top of the hill surrounded by Lord Vishnu Stupa which was renovated many times. The wooden structure, murals and architecture of this temples are best one in Bhaktapur. The first stone inscription of Nepal is also found in this place. Bhaktapur city is 15 km away from Kathmandu. It is a place held in the ancient Tibet-Nepal route and it was once tax collection centre from the silk route traders. Bhakatpur city still gives the glimpse of the middle age city. There were some of the temples and ancient houses were destroyed during earthquake but there are many places which are safe and it is worth to visit this city. Overnight in Bhaktapur.

Day 04: Sightseeing tour of Banepa and Dhulikhel Banepa is the Newari town situated en route between Tibet and Kathmandu. It is once famous place from when Tenzing-Hillary passed this to climb the Everest. There is a tower nearby OP village to have a greatest views of Himalayas during clear weather day. Two km away from Banepa there is another famous oldest town of Dhulikhel equally popular for the views of the mountain and the oldest city. These place were not too much suffered from the earthquake. Overnight in Dhulikhel.

Day 05: Short Trek to Namo Buddha Monastery. Climbing the thousand steps of the hill we reach the viewpoint in Dhulikhel city and continue our walk to Namo Buddha village and monastery. This 8 km walk from Namobuddha presents you the glimpse of the village life nearby the city. The Namobudha ancient monastery and the new monastery is very popular among Buddhist people and it is regarded as the holiest place after Lumbini. The new monastery of Namo Buddha erected in 2008 and it is also a Buddhist school of Kagyu lineage and more than 200 students benefited from this school. Overnight in Namobuddha Monastery.

Day 06: Short distance walk and sightseeing of ancient town of Panauti. Panauti is ancient Newari town which is 8 km away from Namobuddha. This town is on the bank of the confluence of two sacred river. Ancient Newari Pagoda temples are houses are the major attraction of this town. Overnight stay in the home stay in Panauti town.

Day 07: Sightseeing Tour of Lalitpur (Patan), Bouddhnath, and Pashupatinath: These three places are enlisted in the world Heritage sites. Patan is a famous ancient city equally have well decorated temples and royal palaces and it is also famous town where the metal Buddhist and Hindus Stupas are produced and exported to different countries. Bouddhanath Stupa is another oldest Stupa in Kathmandu valley. It is the largest stupa in Asian country and in Kathmandu. This place has been always popular for the Buddhist and the old and new monastery around the Stupa are the famous school and retreat centre. Pashupatinath is the oldest pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu which has a famous Shiva temple. This place is the sacred site for the hindus and non-hindus where the cremation of the dead bodies takes place near the bank of Bagmati river.Overnight in Bouddhanath Stupa.

Day 08: Sightseeing Tour of Dakshinkali, Pharphing Monastry and Kirtipur. These places are situated 20 km southern part of the Kathmandu valley. Dakshinkali is the temple of Hindu Goddess kali (Bhagwati). Many pilgrimage visited this site during the big Hindu festivals or Saturday to sacrifice the animals and to pray there to worship and fulfill their desires. Pharphing is two km away from Dakshinkali, a place where the second Buddha Padmashambhava acquired the greatest magical power and it is the famous mediating place among Buddhist. Kirtipur is the Newari town situated in the top of the hill popular for some temples and to watch the whole Kathmandu valley. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 09: After your visit our airport representative will drop you in the international airport to Departure to your own country.

This is an standard itinerary created by long walk adventures team, however; we are flexible to change this itinerary according to your budget, time, and your demand. Please contact us for furthermore details.