About Us

We are a registered tour and trekking company in Nepal. We have been conducting varieties of inbound and outbound tours and treks in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. Nepal is a country full of opportunities for adventure. Nepal is known for its world-famous mountain range, the Himalayas eight of the world highest mountains, the land of mountaineers Sherpas, diversified landscape with different flora and faunas. Nepal is a country having where more than 120 languages spoken and plus it is a home of plus 100 ethnic groups. We offer ranges of travel destinations which includes crossing lowlands, village to village trek, hill to high Mountains, plain region of Terai ranges, deepest gorge in the world, the lake situated in highest altitude, holy pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites that reflect the richness and diversity of the Nepali culture.

Nature has granted Nepal an amazing diversity in terms of topography besides the people and climate. Within a distance of a mere 150 km. the land rises from as low as a 100 m above sea level to the summit of the Earth, Mt. Everest rising 8,850m into the sky. Within that short distance the climate amazingly changes from sub-tropical to arctic conditions. In between are hills and valleys covered in greenery, where people are fond of going to escape the heat of the low lying areas. Nepal’s offers some of the popular hill stations like Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Kakani, Daman, Bandipur, Tansen, Hile, Basantapur amongst others.

Trekking in the Himalayas, one of the most wonderful activities, also it is a rare privilege for adventure seeking travelers. Over the years we have realized it and we have created innovative holiday and adventure packages in our itineraries that will provide you Buddhist and Hindus Cultural Tours and fascinating adventure Treks from budgeted trip, luxurious trips, and Home Stays in different part of the country. Long Walk Adventure offers to the selective travelers, tours, treks, sightseeing, village tours and experiences that will change your opinions on journeys. Hinduism followed by Buddhism, constitute two major religion of Nepal. Both these co-religionists are bound together by a sense of fellow-feeling and bonhomie particularly displayed in their worship of common deities and joint celebration of many festivals belonging to either religion or culture.

Kumari, the Virgin Hindu Goddess, for instance, is selected from a Buddhist clan. Both of these religions celebrate many festivals of religious significance with amazing enthusiasm -thus Nepal is known as a non-stop festival country and a living cultural museum of the world. Long Walk Adventure assurance to you is that, mutually we could plan the most attractive itineraries and fascinating routes in order to arrange your valuable holidays which will make a remarkable experience of your life. Beneath the blue sky and the glittering snows and a hopeful smile, after the great devastation of the April 2015 earthquake we heartily welcome you to join Long Walk Adventure Treks and Tours to fulfill your travel dreams. Whether you are a first timer or have conducted few trips in Nepal already, we welcome you and with our services we ensure that your vacation with us will definitely be better than your previous one.